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For fishing, cruising, family outings or anything boating related the Cockburn Power Boats gives members the opportunity to have fun in an atmosphere of club camaraderie. With secure parking for your car and trailer you can head out on the water to enjoy the day stress free.

With group activities such as the Fishing Group and the Cruising Group members can participate in planned outings, information sessions and competitions.

Social members enjoy all the on shore facilities that the club has to offer.

Fee Structure

2018-19 Membership Fees

  • Full/Family $505.00
  • Country $255.00
  • “B” Class Membership $255.00
  • Social/Associate $130.00

All amounts include GST

All full membership applications must be accompanied by a nomination fee of $505.00

The nomination fee is a separate charge from the membership fee which is only due and payable on allotment of membership

All membership applicants must be Nominated and Seconded by Full Financial or Life members of at least one year’s standing or by the General Manager.

Membership Type

Full Membership

Full Membership entitles the member to full use of Club facilities and voting rights.

“B” Membership

A financial full member may nominate a family member (over 18 years of age). This membership entitles the holder to use of the club facilities. Launching rights are restricted to the launching of the Family boat unless the Full member is crewing on another boat at the same time. “B” member does not hold any voting rights. This membership is conditional on the Full member remaining as a Full financial member.

Country Membership

this membership is available for those who live more than 100km from the Club premises. Full use of the club facilities but no voting rights.

Social Membership
for those who wish to use the club’s social facilities – social members are not permitted to bring or launch a boat and hold no voting rights but may enjoy all the other amenities of the Club.

Family Membership

for partners and children under 18 years of age. Membership will lapse with that of the Full member. Family members are entitled to all the privileges of the Club but may not vote at meetings. Family members are permitted to launch any craft registered to the full member subject to being legally entitled to control such craft.

Form to Apply

Download and Print out the Membership Proposal Form to apply for membership.also view club rules and club constitution.

Club Rules