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Refunds and Returns Policy

This document outlines the Refunds and Returns Policy of the Cockburn Power Boats Association Inc (ABN: 91781485642)

Cockburn Power Boats Association Inc (also referred to as ‘the Association’, ‘us’ or ‘we’) is the owner of this website and operates from 37 Jervoise Bay Cove, Munster WA 6166.

Our registered business address is PO Box 3351 Success, WA, 6964, Australia. To contact the Association, please phone +61 8 9418 5868 or email us at admin@cpb.org.au.

Refunds and Returns

Refunds are provided in the event of an over charge or cancellation of a Club function or for our supply to you of a faulty merchandise item you may have purchased in the shop in our Club.

Membership fees are not refundable either as a full or partial refund without prior arrangement with the Association management.

Club Membership Nomination fees are only refunded if the Association refuses the membership application.

We do not sell merchandise through our website, however if you purchase faulty merchandise from the shop at the Association’s Clubrooms, please contact us immediately so we can organise how you can return the products to us and provide your refund or replacement products.